Why Are Fingers Small And Big? Know The Reason


Every human being has some small fingers and some big ones, whether they are hands or feet.  But have you ever wondered why each of our fingers is different from the other and why both hands and feet are the same?

In this regard, experts have told us that each finger naturally has some pressure points that are directly related to the brain and nervous system.

The fluid in the veins that connects to the nervous system cannot travel long distances, because it has to do its job in the blood circulation system in the heart and liver, etc. Size is limited to the area where your brain and nerves can work easily.  The second reason is that the fingers have tissues called fatty pads that connect one bone to another and these fatty pads actually secrete some moisture from the inside of the palm where a collection of hand bones is formed. These fluids depend on the size of the fingers increasing and decreasing.