KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has banned entry to citizens of 23 countries, including Pakistan, where more than 1.5 million cases of corona virus have been reported.

Malaysia has announced a ban on the entry of citizens of 23 countries where more than 150,000 cases of corona virus have been reported. These restrictions have been in effect since yesterday. Malaysia Immigration also released on Facebook a list of 23 countries whose residents will be barred from entering the country. The list includes Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iraq, Turkey, Italy, India, the United States, These include Brazil, Russia, Peru, Colombia, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina, the United Kingdom, France, the Philippines, and Indonesia, Iran.

It should be noted that about 10,000 cases of corona epidemic have been reported in Malaysia and 128 deaths have occurred. Since the first case came to light in January, Malaysia has taken drastic measures to control the epidemic.