How can parents protect their children from the corona virus after school opens?

How can parents protect their children from the corona virus after school opens? Take a few precautions and keep children safe from corona.

Due to the corona virus, all educational institutions in all provinces of the country were closed due to lockdown, but now, six months later, the government has decided to open ninth, tenth, colleges and universities from September 15, while the first to fifth and sixth The eighth grade will open a week later. Now the question arises, what precautions should parents take to send their children to school and college? 

* First of all parents should visit the school or college on the first day of opening and specifically instruct the principals and teachers that the children should be seated far away in the classrooms. 

* All parents should help their children with home-made lunch, etc. If they have to buy something from the school or college canteen, instruct Thatcher to send one child to the canteen shortly before the break so that they can do whatever they want. Can buy 

* Parents should send their children to study wearing masks, strictly instruct the children not to touch the mask again and again. Tell them how to put on and take off the mask. 

* Be sure to give your children a small bottle of sanitizer, so they can disinfect their hands. Teachers and parents should also strictly forbid children from touching their faces repeatedly. 

* Parents should take care that the teachers do not take the children out of the class at the same time during the holidays, teachers should send the children out in stages. Avoid all kinds of gatherings or crowds. 

* Parents should also take special care that if their child has a mild fever, cold or cough, they should not be sent to school and see a doctor immediately.