Hopefully we'll get the vaccine, US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has expressed optimism about the corona virus, saying he hopes to bring a vaccine.

According to the details, US President Donald Trump while talking to the journalists during the briefing in the White House said that he hopes that we will bring the vaccine for corona virus as the development of the vaccine is progressing.

Trump has said the number of cases of the corona virus will eventually drop to zero, saying US experts believe the worst days of the epidemic are behind us and that the corona virus is now gone.

He said that progress was being made on the development of Corona virus vaccine, the vaccine would have to be tested and it would take time.

Donald Trump added that the United States was considering coronating international flights because it was working with airlines on testing.

Talking to reporters, US President Donald Trump said that he had inherited a broken system but now the administration and institutions are doing a good job.

US President Donald Trump added that because of Corona, I have lost many friends, while because of Corona, the entire school season had to end.