Corona virus must be avoided!

New research from the United States has shown that the use of supplements can strengthen the immune system and prevent other diseases, including the global epidemic Corona virus.

According to Adrian Gombart, a researcher at Oregon State University in the United States, research has shown that by meeting the requirements for vitamin C, D and other basic nutritional needs, we can prevent the disease from attacking. Just as social distance and frequent hand washing can prevent the disease, so too can the use of supplements during this global epidemic.

Certain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids play a role in strengthening the human immune system, says Gombart. Strengthens the immune system. If the immune system is strong, the disease cannot do any harm despite the attack and the person defeats it quickly.

According to Andrew Gombart, Vitamin C plays an important role in human health, its use helps in the formation of antibodies in the human body and in the fight against disease. Vitamin D helps immune cells to function better. Provides and also has the ability to respond immediately to an attack of the disease.

Researcher Gombart says you may have noticed that while thousands of people have died from COD 19, hundreds have recovered. Fighting the disease and defeating it is easier for those with strong immunity. However, in case of deficiency of basic and essential elements in our daily diet, its deficiency can be compensated by supplements. No matter what the disease, strong immune system overcomes it.

The use of supplements helps us stay healthy and recover faster after an attack of any disease. That's why we experts are urging people nowadays to take supplements on a daily basis, says Gombart. Take 200 mg of vitamin C and 2,000 international units of vitamin D. Until the vaccine is ready, we need to prepare our immune system to fight it with supplements.