The youngest person is on the list of Corona patients

Corona patients are increasing day by day, including people of different ages, but newborns are now infected with the corona virus.

According to a foreign report, a baby was diagnosed with the corona virus shortly after birth in the United Kingdom and thus she became one of the youngest people in the world.

In the UK, the mother was diagnosed with a disease test before the baby was born, but it was confirmed after the baby was born.

Within a few minutes of birth, the baby also had a Cod-19 test, which came out positive and now doctors are trying to find out if the virus was transmitted during childbirth or was infected in the womb.

The child's mother was first treated for suspected pneumonia and was taken to another hospital for treatment.

When the mother and baby were diagnosed with the corona virus, both were taken to separate hospitals for treatment.

The spokesman said that the safety of patients and staff is our top priority, so according to the Public Health England guidelines we constantly clean the areas where patients are taken care of while the medical staff are told to isolate themselves. Is'.

Medical staff approaching the mother and baby have also been instructed to isolate themselves.