Do you know the person who wrote the newspaper for 42 years?

A British citizen has set a new record for 42 consecutive years by writing letters of his displeasure to the same newspaper.

Bernie Carroll, 70, has been writing a letter to The Liverpool Echo since 1978, but his letters contain mostly complaints and nonsense.

According to a careful estimate, he has written more than 15,000 letters so far. He first wrote letters on his dissatisfaction with the military council that was set up in Liverpool during the 1970s and 1980s and did not stop writing letters after that.

After that, Bernie began writing letters on issues around him, even complaining about people's behavior in the newspapers, and now in fresh letters he is taking his anger out on firefighters and waste dogs in parks. ۔

He says that I know that writing my letters will not change anything, but there is no better way to lighten my heartbeat. According to him, writing letters to the newspapers is a good way to cool off anger.

Bernie has been a musician for a while, and every day he finds an active problem and writes letters on it. Every day they spend an hour researching a problem and then sit down to write a letter.