corona virus : Announcement for hanging mask collectors

Iran has announced the hanging of corona virus and the death of those who are involved in smuggling or smuggling it after the death toll.

According to details, mask and other protective items are constantly increasing in the country after the outbreak of the Corona virus in Iran, on the other hand, Iranian prosecutor general Mohammad Ali Jafri warns that mask storage is strictly with hoarders. Will be dealt with.

A corona virus case has surfaced in Saudi Arabia
 According to Arab TV, Prosecutor General Mohammad Ali Jafri responded to the letter of Minister of Health Saeed Namki, saying that after we received your attention, any kind of negligence or negligence in the matter of public health. Has decided to take drastic measures.

He also wrote that those who store masks and medical equipment will not deserve any sympathy.

If a person is found guilty of mask storage, he is eligible for the death sentence, he will be executed.