Canadian PhD student discovers 17 new planets

A Canadian PhD student discovered 17 new planets around the solar system using a Kepler telescope.

 According to a foreign news agency, a Canadian student with the help of a Kepler space telescope designed by NASA to search planets has discovered 17 planets.

At the University of British Columbia, PhD student Michelle Kinimoto has discovered 17 planets beyond the solar system, some of which have precision and are located in the habitat or habitat. It is believed that water may also be present.

In this regard, PhD student Michelle says that so far only 15 planets have been found in habitable habitats and a new planet at a distance of a thousand light years from Earth is a good news.

Michelle uses arboretum as a commonly used method for tracing planets in which the planet can be seen moving in front of its own sun. That is, when a planet passes in front of its sun, it shuts off some of its light. This lack of light helps to determine the size and orbit of the planet.

Michelle discovers that she's about twice the size of our planet, and that the working planet is bigger than Mercury.

Earlier this year, in January this year, 17-year-old Wolf, a US astronaut, discovered and discovered a new planet in the solar system during an internship .