Aiza Khan : People love me like crazy

"People love me like crazy, the less I thank Allah," says Aiza Khan.

Pakistani actress Ayesha Khan continues to be the focus of Mahesh's negative role in her play 'I have you.'

Someone liked his role, and one criticized the actress for playing a negative role.

Recently, a user on social networking site Twitter claimed that he had seen Aiza Khan a few days ago at the airport, where some men were using Nazi words for the actress.

Following this tweet, a new debate on social media sparked, where some people sympathized with the actress, while some wrote that it would be the end of her role.

On social media

After a long silence, Aisha Khan told a story posted on Instagram on social media that nothing had happened to her and false rumors were being spread on social media.

The actress says that someone said and the whole world believed, is there any video or any other evidence?