What happened after Abhinandan Varthaman's plane crashed?

On February 27, 2019, a day after the Indian aircraft was bombed on Jabba village in Balakot, Pakistani Air Force fighter pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Vartman was arrested by the Pakistani Air Force in Hodan, near the Line of Control.

Abhinandan was released after a few days' imprisonment, but how his arrest took place, many people do not know what happened after the Indian ship fell. The BBC met people in Houdan who were eyewitnesses to the historic incident.

Fire ball

line four kilometers Pakistan-administered huran region of Kashmir district smahny sprawling courtyard house built on a hill Chaudhry Mohammad Razaq was busy talking on the phone it was two blasts The sound of the

The situation was tense between the two countries the same day after the Indian Air Force violated Pakistan's airspace and bombed near Balakot.

Chaudhry Razzaq says, "The conditions were quite stressful and the ship was flying in the morning so I didn't pay much attention".

Sitting in his yard, Chaudhry Razak pointed out, "After a while I saw a fog of smoke in the sky in front of me." When the smoke came down it turned into an orange shell of fire. I immediately realized that it was the debris of the ship. '

He says that at first he was skeptical that it could be a Pakistani ship. Then they turned their necks and saw a parachute descending on the hills in front.

India or Pakistan?

As soon as he saw the parachute, Abdul Rehman grabbed a jug of water and started climbing the hill.

'At first, it was looking at the parachute that it would fall on that tree.' Abdul Rehman pointed to the tree ascending the hill. Then the pilot deftly turned her head and landed comfortably on smooth ground over the hill. '

According to Abdul Rehman, when the parachute came down, the Indian flag attached to his rope had revealed that the pilot was Indian and he later found out that his name was Abhinandan.

'Abhinandan saw me and came down a few steps. He had a pistol in his hand which he pointed at me and asked, 'Is this India or Pakistan?'

Abdul Rahman says, 'I said India. He asked which area. I answered the fort.

'Upon hearing this, Abhinandan, with a small cavity made in the hill, waved his waist. Putting his pistol on his stomach and raising his hands, he raised the slogan of J India.

Abdul Rahman says that after that he told me, 'My waist is broken, give me water.'

Until now, Abhinandan had thought that he had landed in a village in India, but in the meantime, other residents of Hooda had also gathered under the hill, some of whom called 'Pakistan Zindav' and 'Pak Army Zindabad'. Made slogans of

Thus Abhinandan came to know that he was not in India but in Pakistan. According to Abdul Rahman, 'they were immediately alert. He opened the bottom button button on his pants and took out a small piece of paper with one hand and made a small amulet and swallowed it.

'During that time, Abhinandan constantly turned his pistol towards me. Then pulled out another paper that was bigger. He broke into small pieces and then quickly ran down the hill. '

Attempts to escape

65-year-old Abdul Rahman says his heart was repeatedly wanted to leap over Abhinandan and control him, but with his pistol in his hand, he avoided his intention.

As they fled down, Abdul Rahman and other villagers began chasing Abhinandan and 'some even rained stones at them to stop them'.

After fleeing the road for a while, suddenly Abhinandan made his way towards where the smoke of the ship's debris appeared to be rising in the sky.

The pursuers then ran after them. Upon seeing a stream of water at one place, Abhinandan jumped into it and the villagers surrounded the stream.

How was Abhinandan arrested?

In the meantime, Abdul Rahman called his neighbor Mohammad Rafiq and told him to take the gun and reach the drain. Abdul Rahman says he was going down with a gun that a passionate youth took away his gun.

'I gave him a call not to shoot him. He has to be caught alive. '

Mohammad Rafiq said that when he reached the drain, soldiers had arrived. 'A soldier jumped into the water and took Abhinandan. The villagers, along with the soldiers, got into the water. On seeing the army, Abhinandan threw down the pistol and raised his hand. After that they arrested him and put him in the car. '

Abhinandan was detained shortly after the plane fell, but his ship's wreckage remained in the Kotla area adjacent to the boat for several days.

Eyewitness Mohammad Ismail said, "On the first day, it was on fire for a long time and there were intermittent explosions, but after the fire started coming from far away, people came to see the debris and kept drawing pictures to it."

Later the army removed the debris from here, but several small fragments of Abhinandan's damaged ship are still found at the place where it fell.