Pakistan: Prevention of Coronary Virus and Other Infectious

Yesterday, the Federal Health Organization confirmed that the presence of the Corona virus has been proved in two patients in Pakistan. In view of this, educational centers in Karachi and Balochistan have been closed.

Concerns have also started to spread among people about this. The news of any outbreak of such a pandemic is not new to the world. There are some measures to avoid such diseases that human beings can not only protect themselves by. It can also protect the people around you -

1: Wash your hands

Your hands play the most important role in the spread of any pandemic disease because with these hands we carry out all the work and with these hands the germs can enter the body through our mouths and eyes. - So in situations where the outbreak of the outbreak is feared, wash your hands thoroughly with soap several times a day, especially after coming out somewhere or arranging a special wash of food before eating.

2: Do not give your personal items to anyone for use,

so from childhood it has been heard that sharing but care of your personal items such as your towel, in situations when you are worried about spreading diseases like pandemic diseases and corona virus. Nail cutters refrain from sharing any of their other personal use items because the exchange of these items is likely to spread the disease.

3: Covering the mouth while coughing and sneezing are

usually associated with the spread of infectious diseases and diseases such as corona. There is an easy source of air that is contaminated by the patient's coughing and sneezing - so it is sure to Whether it be coughing and sneezing cover your face with a cloth so that it can be made to target the bacteria and other details.

4: Use a mask

The best way to protect yourself from the corona virus that can be transmitted by air to a healthy person is to use a mask so that the infected germ cannot pass through the air to you.

5: Track

Track is necessary to be protected from infectious diseases and maintain full awareness of the disease symptoms and precautions to stay safe from this disease -

6: stay away from the victim and patients

sometimes Reasonable bravery can also be fatal, so it is best to avoid it - so stay away from places where there is a possibility of this pandemic and also stay away from patients who are infected. I have suffered -