What did the Pakistan Army do in return for the fall of Dhaka?

Forces launched a free patriotic movement for Sikhs in the 1980s to avenge the tragedy of East Pakistan.

But Benazir Bhutto gave the secret information of the Sikhs who had launched a massacre, with the help of which India crushed the movement.

 In return, the then Indian counterpart gave special thanks to Benazir Bhutto

(The video statement of the Indian Prime Minister can be viewed from Google)

In the fall of 1980, the Pak army made ten pieces to Russia through a powerful proxy against Russia, the frontline of breaking East Pakistan.

(Thankfully there was no politician's government at that time)

In Kargil war, the Pak army seized the peak of Kargil by sacrificing the lives of its 300 soldiers to liberate Kashmir, leaving 1.5 million Indian troops trapped.

 It was at that time that if the Indian army was trapped there for another month, Indian soldiers would die of hunger and thirst and India would be ready for "immediate talks" on Kashmir.

But even after seeing the fate, Benazir's partner Nawaz Sharif ruled.

Nawaz Sharif immediately went to America and signed a ceasefire notification without asking the military.

In the days to come, 400 more troops of the Pak army were martyred, leaving the conquered peaks of Kargil on the orders of the Prime Minister.

And so the plan of the Pak army also fell into the trap of politicizing politicians.

Who does not know that those who constantly criticize the Pak army are either blind supporters of Nawaz Sharif or the PPP jihadists?

I wish this idiot could ask his leaders anything!