The Poison we are Giving our Children with our own Hands

Parents have the heavy responsibility of raising their children and under the spirit of love, parents can never think badly of their children - but in ignorance, they are fulfilled by their children's compulsion at the hands of love.


Which is even more dangerous than poison to them - such items may seem beneficial to look at, but their loss can be traced to the parents when the water has passed through the head.

1: Noodles

Because of its quick and easy preparation and its taste, it is considered a favorite food for both parents and children - but few will know why it lacks any nutrients. That they are processed so long as to preserve it and prepare it quickly so that the nutrients are eliminated - as well as a layer of wax on it to make its appearance beautiful. It is mounted directly on the liver of the baby - it uses a chemical mono-sodium glutamate to flavor the baby's brain. In addition to the propane glycol in the noodles affects the baby's heart, kidney and liver.

2: Canned juice and other beverages

Marketed drinks and juices, which are commonly bought by valentines for their children, are very detrimental to health because of synthetic chemicals - these drinks have a high amount of artificial sweeteners. Causes affect a baby's growth - Secondly, drinks containing soda are added to the gas which causes an increase in blood pressure and which causes the baby's mood to stagger and anger.

3: Mobile phone

Parents usually start with their children's mobile phones at the beginning, so that children can sit comfortably for a while - placing their favorite cartoons and poems on their smartphones at the earliest. Giving up - Gradually the duration with the baby and the mobile phone increases and the parents are convinced that the baby sits comfortably in the baby's hand - but the rays emanating from the mobile phone are as fatal as the baby's cancer. Can cause disease - in addition to affect mental capacity, which has a direct impact on his / her education. And he is lagging behind in the educational field, and his eyesight can also be affected by constantly watching the mobile screen.

4: Market french fries

Usually parents buy their kids French fries on the porch in the light of hunger or on the go for fun, with the idea that it will relieve their appetite on the one hand. I would not worry about the error - but their thinking is not based on the fact that in the first place the ingredients used are not in line with hygiene principles - the oil used in it is due to repeated frying and Poor quality has turned into poison which is extremely harmful to the baby's stomach - Second use of potato baby Can also have a very bad effect on the growth and prevent their growth


Parents give children a variety of candies for their pleasure. Bubble gum and red pop, etc. are often purchased - all these products are made from artificial sugar which affects the baby's hormone which can cause premature puberty. It also causes the teeth and throat of children to be damaged and can cause dangerous diseases such as tonsils.