Ruler Movie Review: A Disappointing fare

What impressed Ruler Audience? Did NTR Biopics Recover Fans From Disaster? Let's look at the review.

When it comes to the story, Sarojini Naidu (Jayasudha) is the head of the Asian group with a turnover of thousands of crores. A man (Balakrishna) is severely injured by a car which is going to Sarojini on a business trip. Sarojini is taken to a hospital where the person with the highest risk is admitted. The seriously wounded person forgets the past. While in the hospital, Sarojini defends himself from a murder attempt. Sarojini Naidu adopts the man and introduces him to the world as his son Arjun Prasad. What is Arjun Prasad, the head of a multi-billion dollar business empire? What is the rivalry between Bhavani Nath Tagore and Uttar Pradesh Minister? That's the rest of the story.

Taking a gap after the NTR biopic, Balaya came out in front of the crowd with a mass spice entertainer entertaining his fans. Balaya dancing turned into a slim look for the film. However, his hard work as a whole .. In many places, age is known. Balaya has been criticized in particular for his looks. It is embarrassing to see Balaiah on screen in a police look designed by Erikori. Since Balayya was a one-man show, it was hard to get a big performance. Heroine Sonal Chauhan is confined to a glamorous show. Shortly after the stage appeared on the screen for the possibility of acting. Bhoomika, Prakash Raj and Naginidu are all confined to one and two scenes. She was impressed by the extent of her success, as only one Jayasutha had a role.

In the first part, the director, who portrayed Balaya as an ultra modern, was trying to show only a romantic and comedy angle in Balaya. The comedy scenes in the Bangkok backdrop are largely out of work, with the first part feeling heavy. In the past, a lot of films like Balayya Hero. But this formula, which seems to have been a little over a decade old, is hard to impress with this Generation audience. The storylines seem too stereotypical, but by the time of Interval, the story seems to be getting a little groovy. 

With a heavy action scene and an intrusive twist, the director stepped back in the second half. It is more difficult to cope with Senkad Half with a boyish look which is not as appealing as the regular routine.

When it comes to the performance of technical genre, Chirantan Bhatt, who had previously given hit albums to Balaya films, was completely disappointed with the film. Along with the songs, the background music is also not impressive. The only thing that sets the film up with Kos Koos is the cinematography action scenes, as well as the difficulty of the cameramen in making the aerial shots and songs so richly colorful. Editing has become a major problem for the film. Lengthy scenes, lots of unnecessary scenes. Zee Kalyan ... He spent a lot of love with Balaya.