Realme 5s new year gift for its fans at Rs 29,999

Realme pakistan launches Realme 5s new year gift for its fans at Rs 29,999

Realme 5s is the first mobile device in Pakistan equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 mobile platform, with high intelligence, amazing camera and strong power and performance, MP 48 quad camera setup and 5000 mAh battery. , Which starts at an amazing price of Rs 29,999.

Realme, the fastest growing smartphone brand in Pakistan, understands its "Dare to Leap" proposal in the market today, equipped with its 48MP Quad Camera Power Hero smartphone - Qualcomm Technology's mobile platforms, the Lualium 5s. ۔ Snapdragon ™ 665, which offers users significant performance in a 30K price range.

Since launch, realme 5 has been welcomed by users with many positive reviews. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that realme 5 is the first product in its price range with a quad-camera feature that provides consumers with a very sophisticated and stunning multi-sensor and multi-function imaging experience. This time, realme has upgraded the camera system with a completely new 48MP quad camera setting to give its users a flagship level ultra high-definition photography experience.

Even as consumers need improved imaging performance and the development of mobile imaging technologies, ultra-high resolution imaging has become the next area in the quest for mobile imaging technologies.

The new 48MP quad camera imaging system of Realme 5s can take maximum resolution images of up to 8000 * 6000, which are clear and well detailed even after zooming or cropping. In addition, the realme 5s adopts tetrasyl technology, which integrates four neighboring pixels into a single 1.6µm large pixel, to produce 12 megapixel images with clear and high quality images in low light conditions. It has greatly improved the overall performance of Reality 5s in photography.
The phone also supports other advanced imaging functions, including Super Nightcap 2.0 and ChromaBoost. These features, combined with AI technologies and realm-trained processing algorithms, enable Realme 5s to meet the needs of photography and allow users to easily take great photos in different scenes and settings.

Aesthetically, the realme 5s features a classic holographic color pattern with a diamond design, and now comes in a new vibrant color called crystal red, giving consumers more fashion choices. Performance-wise, the phone has an 11nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE processor as well as 5000mAh mass battery, which ensures robust performance with tremendous battery life.

With a stylish and youthful design, a flagship surface ultra high definition quad camera setup, as well as superior battery life, realme 5s offers users a balanced experience that is better than its competitors, A highly competitive product in the price range of what it produces.

Realme 5s comes in only one setting in terms of RAM and storage: 4GB + 128GB. The smartphone will be available for purchase at an official price of Rs 29,999.