Mistakenly invented items that we use daily

Research and invention are an important part of human nature in which man has been engaged since day one. New inventions for the welfare of mankind have been possible due to this - but sometimes accidental things.

They take the form of important inventions that are a blessing to humankind and they are forced to use them in everyday routines - today we will tell you about some of these inventions.

1: Corn Flakes

Corn Flakes was invented accidentally in 1894, the inventor of which was Kate Kellogg, who was on duty to feed patients at a hospital. One day he boiled the wheat to feed the patients, but due to some urgent task he left the boiled wheat in the sun - when he returned, the color of the wheat had changed due to the sun, but the patients It was time to give the meal to her, so she forced the wheat to take the milk and give it to the patients, which the patients liked very much. Later he did the same with corn grains and invented corn flakes that are often used for breakfast.

2: Microwave oveN

It was invented after World War II by an accidental discovery by Percy Spencer. While Percy Spencer was on duty with the radar in World War II, while on duty, he noticed that the candy in his pocket melted when he was near the radar - though the heat had no effect on his body. - He did this experiment on a lot of food items, so he realized that there were rays emitting from the radar that heat the food - so Percy worked on those rays after World War II ended. Microwave oven invented-

3: Ice cream cone

The ice cream was invented a long time ago, but who invented it during a festival in 1904 - according to details an ice cream shop had its own stall, which was very hungry - put it on a small plate. Rush was giving ice cream to buyers, Rush left the ice cream, but the plates he was serving were gone - but the rush of people continued. To help the ice cream man who had absolutely no rush at the stall, turned his wafers into a shape and presented it instead of a plate. Let's just say - people liked the taste so much that it became compulsory with ice cream.

4: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton, a professional pharmacist - he used coca plant leaves and seeds for researching a headache medication - on grinding them. He had to add water, but instead he accidentally added soda, which everyone liked - and thus Coca-Cola came into existence that everyone drinks.

5: potato chips

The story of the invention of potato chips is very interesting - his inventor's name was George Crumb, who was a hotel cook - a customer came to his restaurant daily and ate french fries - one day when he had french fries. When presented, he complained of their softening - which George rebuilt but the customer was not satisfied with - this happened two to three times, in which angry George finely cut the potatoes, Everyone liked the taste and this is how potato chips were invented.

6: chocolate chip cookies

At a Massachusetts restaurant in the United States, the 1930s Chariot Wakefield biscuits were on duty and their chocolate cookies were fond of them. Yes - then they added the chocolate in the bakery to the mixture in small pieces with the idea that it would melt and become a part of the mix and no one would know - but even after the biscuit was ready Staying the same and everyone liked their taste so chocolate chip cookies were invented.

7: Antibiotics

Alexander, from Scotland, was experimenting with flaming bacteria and was so absorbed in his analysis that he found mildew on his plate and did not find it. Bacteria were present for the experiments. Alexander Fleming was surprised to find that the mildew eliminated all these bacteria - after which he repeated the experiment and thus made the first antibiotic drug called penicillin.