In a US ceremony firing , 13 people were injured

13 people were injured as a result of firing during a ceremony in the US state.

The shooting happened at a house in the US state of Chicago during a birthday party that injured 13 people who were hospitalized.
According to the Middleport, a house in the southern part of Chicago was underway Sunday morning when the shooting occurred, killing 13 people, four of whom were in critical condition.

The identity of the injured was not disclosed by the police.
According to the report, the youngster's 22nd birthday was underway.
Police officer Fred Waller said that "the fatalities are between 16 and 48 years old. Two people have been detained after the incident."
Chicago Mayor Lori Light Foot told reporters at a press conference after meeting with victims at a local hospital that it was a tragic tragedy and a clear and incredible event of cowardice.

4 people killed in California during firing

Light footage urged those with information about the shootings to come forward and assist police in the investigation, saying that we cannot normalize such incidents.
Local channel reports suspect that the birthday party was of a man who was shot dead in a car in Chicago in April this year, resulting in the death of a citizen.