highest paid professions in Pakistan that you can choose

Today we will tell you about the highest paid professions in Pakistan which you can choose according to your mood.

1: Software Engineer

Today is the era of computers, its use is increasing in every field. Computer programs are needed to use computers everywhere - software engineers are programmed to pay for their services, and companies selling software engineers On a monthly basis, as well as doing freelancing work and earning from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 4 lakh per month.

2: petroleum engineer

The salaries of this engineering field are higher than that of mechanical and electrical engineers, which is because their fieldwork is very high and they are associated with large capital companies with a monthly income of between thirty thousand and four hundred thousand. May be -

3: Dentist

These doctors have higher incomes than ordinary doctors. They can earn good income by running their own private clinics along with their job - besides, their salary in different hospitals is somewhat higher than other doctors. Their monthly income can range from one lakh to six lakh.

4: IT Manager

In any organization where the computer is used, the IT manager plays a key role - he is responsible for all computer-related issues and their hardware and software, with a salary ranging from 50,000 to five million. Can-

5: Chartered accountant

It is responsible for any company's financial affairs and its strategy and audit. It can also work by affiliating with a company or setting up its own company as a freelancer - their monthly income is based on their experience. Can range from one million to seven million depending on -

6: Pilot

Pilots gain the ability to fly after a rigorous training - their salaries depend on whether they are taking flights overseas or have overseas flights. Wal-Pilates salaries are relatively low, their salaries can range from one lakh eight thousand to eight million monthly.

7: Surgeon

Doctors who specialize in surgery in a field called surgeons - their income is based on their fields - Ortho, Nero and cardiac surgeons have higher incomes than other surgeons, and their monthly income is higher than that of Duluth. Can be between one million.

8: News anchor

Media anchors also receive huge salaries from channel owners on the basis of their popularity and fan following - their salaries depend on their program ratings and their salaries on a monthly basis of three million to five million. Are on

9: Executive Manager

Responsibilities for the sector include company sales, HR issues, production, etc. And their salaries are similarly high in terms of their responsibilities - their monthly income is between one million to one million Can.

10: CEO

This is the highest post of any organization, responsible for all matters of the organization - they are given salary as well as luxury car furnished house and other facilities and their salary can range from Rs. 500,000 to 200 million.