Happy Birthday Dilip Kumar: know some unheard things

In Bollywood, Dilip Kumar is considered as an actor who has left an indelible mark on the hearts of the cine lovers with strong acting and tremendous dialogue delivery.

Born on 11 December 1922 in Peshawar now, Pakistan-born Yusuf Khan aka Dilip Kumar was the third of 13 children of his parents. He did his early education from Pune and Deolali. After this, he started sharing his father Ghulam Sarwar Khan's fruit business. After a few days, Dilip Kumar quit the job due to lack of interest in the fruit trade and started running a canteen in Pune. In the year 1943, she met Bombay Talkies administrator Devika Rani, who invited her talent to come to Mumbai. At first, Dilip Kumar took this matter lightly, but later he decided to meet Devika Rani because of his interest in the canteen business too.

This is how Dilip Kumar's film career started

Devika Rani suggested to Yusuf Khan that if she changes her film name, she can give her a new film Jowar-Bhata as an actor. Devika Rani asked Yusuf Khan to choose one of the names of Vasudev, Jahangir and Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar started his cinematic career as an actor in the film 'Jowar Bhata' released in 1944. After the failure of the film 'Jowar Bhata', Dilip Kumar worked as an actor in some B and C grade films like the idol 'Jugnu', Anokha Pyaar, Nauka Doobi etc. But these films did not give him any special benefit. After struggling in Mayanagari Mumbai for four years, after the success of the film 'Mela' in 1948, Dilip Kumar became an actor in the film industry.

Dilip Kumar has brought many characters to life by acting diversely. This is the reason why comedian Om Prakash said after seeing Dilip Kumar's performance in the film 'Aadmi', I can't believe that Fun can go to so many times. Foreign audiences see his performance and say that only two things are worth seeing in India - one is Taj Mahal and Dilip Kumar.

When Madhubala proposed Dilip Kumar

In Dilip Kumar's cine career, his pairing with actress Madhubala was well liked. During the production of the film 'Tarana', Madhubala began to fall in love with Dilip Kumar. He sent his dress designer a rose flower and a letter to Dilip Kumar with the message that if he too loves her then keep it with him and Dilip Kumar happily accepted the flower and letter.

Madhubala was selected to play the female lead alongside Dilip Kumar in BR Chopra's film Naya Daur, released in 1957 and the film was to be shot in Mumbai. But later the producer of the film felt that it must be shot in Bhopal as well. Madhubala's father Ataullah Khan refused to allow the daughter out of Mumbai. He felt that the love and affection between Madhubala and Dilip Kumar would rise when he moved out of Mumbai and he was not ready for it. Later BR Chopra had to replace Vyjayanthimala in place of Madhubala. Ataullah Khan later took the matter to court and after that he refused Madhubala to work with Dilip Kumar and from here the duo of Dilip Kumar and Madhubala separated.

The audience was surprised by his acting in the movie 'Mughal-e-Azam'

In the year 1960, another important film of Mughal Azam of Dilip Kumar's cine career was released. Based on the historical backdrop, Dilip Kumar brought the role of Shahzade Salim to life on the silver screen in this film, based on the love story of Salim-Anarkali under K. Asif's direction. Through the film Ganga Jamuna released in the year 1961, Dilip Kumar also ventured into the field of filmmaking. After the success of the film, Dilip Kumar decided to make the film even after this, but due to the bad behavior of the incomets, he never quit filming again. In the film Ganga Jamuna, Dilip Kumar did a mix of Hindi and Bhojpuri and this experiment was very successful. The film also starred Dilip Kumar along with his brother Nasir Khan.

In 1966, Dilip Kumar married the film actress Saira Banu. The film, screened in 1967, proved to be another superhit film in the cine careers of Ram and Shyam Dilip Kumar. Based on the story of two twin brothers, Dilip Kumar played the double role as dabu and fearless in this film won the audience's heart by playing it in a very strict style. Filmmakers later produced several dual-role films, drawing inspiration from the films Ram and Shyam.

After the failure of the film 'Bairag' released in 1976, Dilip Kumar opted out of the film industry for almost five years. In the year 1980, at the behest of filmmaker-director Manoj Kumar, Dilip Kumar started the second innings of his cinematic career as a character actor in the film 'Kranti'. Dilp Kumar, with a strong character in the film, once again made the film super hit by captivating the audience.

Amitabh Bachchan faded in front of Dilip Kumar 

Shown in the year 1982, Shakti is one of the finest classic films of the Hindi film industry. In this film, Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan thrilled the audience working together for the first time. In front of Amitabh Bachchan, any artist could have difficulty in working smoothly, but in the film Shakti, Amitabh Bachchan also faced many problems in working with Dilip Kumar. Recalling a scene in this film, Amitabh Bachchan says that when Dilip Kumar continues to follow him in the climax of the film, he has to look back when he does this and he cannot see in the eyes of Dilip Kumar and This scene has several retakes.