First Time lover Couple Married at Police station

First Time lover Couple Married at Police station

While police stations usually host criminals, the Deoband police station in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, has hosted a boyfriend's wedding.

According to Indian television channel NDTV, a young man from the area, Abdul Malik and a girl named Khusseb were in love and wanted to get married, but both families were strongly against the marriage.

After the families refused, the lover couple contacted the SSP police in Saharanpur, after which the police played the role of mediator and talks were started between the two families.
Nevertheless, the two families remained firm and did not give up their opposition to marriage.

Eventually, SSP Saharanpur decided that the couple would be married at the police station.

Yogadat Sharma, SHO, Deoband Police Station, said, “Abdul Malik, a resident of Patharanpur area and a girl from Gandhiwad village, were in love with each other. They both wanted to marry but could not marry because of opposition from their families. 

So the police decided to help them because both are adults.

couple says, We will always be grateful to the Police because they supported us during difficult times. 

It was a unique wedding and we will remember it for a while. he police station was specially decorated for the wedding, and several people from nearby areas gathered at the police station to observe the unusual wedding.