Actor Jacqueline Fernandez reveals her beauty secrets and morning routine

Actor Jacqueline Fernandez reveals her beauty secrets and morning routine

Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez recently opened regarding regarding her beauty secrets, goals and fitness routine.

The multi-ethnic star, World Health Organization is of Sri Lankan, Malaysian and Canadian good, aforesaid that fitness is that the key to her healthy routine.

“Even if I do eat one thing that's a bit off my diet, I total loads.
I don’t feel thus guilty regarding it then and that i won’t reach out for such food as actually because I don’t wish to ruin all my exertions,” she unconcealed.

“It’s basic, simple things that make the difference.
Things like sugar, processed food and something too high in fat I cut back.

But days when I really feel like it, I do have it.”
The star also mused that during her holidays, she’s one of “the biggest gluttons you will meet.” But when she is in Mumbai and in work mode, she does not cheat on her diet.

Fernandez additionally unconcealed that she believes in intermittent abstinence to stay herself healthy.
“Fasting and keeping your abdomen empty very helps together with your concentration and focus,” she said.

As for her favorite foods, the actor unconcealed she likes often pampering on pizza pie, pasta, dossa, peanut better sandwiches and pastries.

In associate degree interview with Harper’s Bazaar Asian nation, Fernandez confirmed her morning routine is kind of easy.
“I take a shower as shortly as I come to life.
And then when my physical exercise, i prefer to possess a bulletproof low,” she said.

Her beauty secrets are also modest. The star’s biggest advice for an awake-looking face is something found in the freezer. “Ice always does the trick,” she revealed.

“And i'd say that a decent blush and make-up do loads to come to life the face,” Fernandez added.

Apart from this, she also enjoys reading.
Books like My Family and alternative Animals, Animal Farm and novels by Paulo Coelho ar her uncomparable favourites.

She additionally recently scan the life story of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

“I’ve got a lot of my reading material from scripts as well,” the star said.

Fernandez additionally touched upon her alternative dream if she wasn't associate degree actor.
The beauty queen unconcealed her fondness of associate degreeimals and aforesaid she wasn't an actor, she would be become a wildlife documentary-maker.

As for her definition of success, Fernandez revealed it is the simple things hat keep her fulfilled as a human being. “Being able to sleep at night.

The actor was recently seen in her 1st Netflix film, Drive, that wasn't free in theatres, she's going to additionally star in crime-thriller Mrs serial murderer, to hit the streaming
platform later this year.